As a service provider, the close cooperation between agriculture and the purchaser lies at the centre of the commercial activities of Matthäus Classification Service. Thanks to our know-how in measurement technology, we can cover the additional requirements of our customers in the field of processing and stock control.
In order to fulfil customer needs in the area of “meat classification”, we strive to improve training and to keep up to date with the latest technology.
In order to guarantee this, we maintain very good contacts with authorities and scientific institutions, and do our best to cooperate as well as possible.


  • independent classification & weighing of cattle and pigs
  • creation of billing, weighing slips, statistics, carcass sorting
  • creation of QA-relevant parameters such as pH, conductivity, colour intensity
  • salmonella testing with barcode scanning
  • entry and administration of ear tags, registry numbers, state of health data
  • data transmission into databases
  • generation of firmware for individual business
  • controlling of cutting and calculation