Fully automated portal measurement system “SCAN-STAR Ham” for meat/fat ratio, pH measurement and ham colour
The SCAN-STAR-Ham system automatically records pH value, colour brightness, i.e. OPTO values of the meat surface and meat/fat proportion of ham etc. on the production line.
The ham is registered by means of reflexive light barriers, the production line stopps, the pH value measurement device is brought to the ham and the meat/fat ratio of the ham on the cut surface is recorded and calculated digitally by camera.
Following each measurement process the data is stored in an enclosed computer on a database and transferred to a second process computer.

        IT monitor shows:
  • Process number
  • Supplier/trader number
  • Charge number, purchaser number

The robot measures:
  • pH value/conductivity/colour brightness
  • Meat/fat ratio of the ham with digital image processing
  • Weight (optional, where a scales is connected)